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ATLAS™ coordination platform

ATLAS™ assists clients in approving, coordinating and monitoring the movements of personnel, vessels and assets through an online, remotely accessible, software platform.

The ATLAS™ coordination platform allows clients to collate key, time-stamped operational and HSEQ data, with bespoke reports produced routinely.

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ATLAS™ clients are able to maintain complete real-time knowledge of personnel, vessel and asset locations, ensuring the highest standards of safety are adhered to across projects.

The software holds offline functionality, allowing clients to utilise ATLAS™ in environments where internet connectivity may be intermittent.

Clients can optimise project efficiency when utilising the daily operations portal to pre-plan the movements of personnel, vessels and assets, reducing carbon footprint and increasing productivity.

ATLAS™ supports clients in managing personnel and assets, logging certification, work permits and asset status, as required and in line with GDPR.

Key Features

  • Live operations chart view
  • Personnel management portal with certification monitoring
  • Daily operations portal with permit to work tracking
  • Real-time personnel & asset monitoring
  • Daily manifest tool
  • Vessel reporting and inspection & action point tracking
  • Operations reporting
  • Remote user logins
  • Onshore and offshore application with offline functionality