SMC Services

Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID)

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Led by industry figurehead, Captain Ian Coates, and supported by a core management team with decades of experience working within the marine environment, SMC provide valuable insights and support to clients across this diverse sector.

SMC pulls together recognised experts across an extensive range of disciplines to provide high-level and confidential consultancy to support complex, difficult and often litigious situations for various stakeholder groups. SMC’s expertise is repeatedly called upon prior to, during and post client operations.

Expert advisory support includes:

  • Vessel inspections

  • eCMID vessel inspections

  • OVID inspections

  • Bespoke training

  • Vessel selection

  • Vessel and project optimisation

  • Dredging support

  • Superyacht consultancy

  • Marine consultancy

  • HSE advisory

  • Accident investigation

  • Ports and harbours consultancy

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Over the last decade we have engendered tremendous loyalty from clients and consultants alike.
— George Moore